What are the benefits of having a solar-powered house?

There are many benefits to having a sustainable house, and even more great advantages to having a solar powered house. One of the major advantages of having a solar powered house is you will always have free energy to power your home. As long as you are not using more energy than you are taking in, you will always have an abundant amount of energy to power your house. If you are still “On the Grid” meaning your energy is provided by supplier such as ComEd, but you have solar panels, then the benefit of the solar panels would be a significant decrease in your electricity bill. Which in turn allows you to save money every month, and that money could go to something more significant. By using solar panels on your house you should be guaranteed to generate power for at least 25 years which is definitely not bad considering all the money you save and the positive environmental impact you are having.

Further more, there are many state-federal incentives and rebates you may qualify for when you have solar panels on your house. Such as the Solar and Wind Energy Rebate or the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit where you get a 30% tax credit for having a solar power system. Overall there are many advantages to having a solar powered house.

What are some of the negatives of having a solar-powered house?

There are no real negatives to having a solar powered house. There are many misconceptions though about having a solar-powered house, like energy is only available when the sun is shining, which is not true. Solar panels can produce electricity even on very cloudy days.

Overall the only negative would be totally living off the grid and not having enough solar panels to power your house.