Going off-grid may be a way of live for some and a decision for others. Either way before you go off-grid or are forced off-grid it is recommend that you plan ahead of time. In order to supply your own electricity, you will need something to generate electricity and store that power. The Off-Grid Electric Systems can operate all electric devices with the stored energy in the battery banks. This energy is supplied to the battery banks via a solar panel, wind turbine or some other equipment. The energy generating device (solar panels, wind turbines, etc) keep the batteries charged on a daily basis by acquiring natural heat and energy from sunlight or wind. Now, here are important things to consider while planning to go off-grid or supply your own electricity. 

Defining your load: 

If you are planning to select an off grid kit for your personal or professional use, then the first thing that you need to measure is loading. That means how much energy do you need on a daily basis to use your appliances. Because different systems are available with different power capacity and load and it is important to find out suitable one for your needs. Ex.) How much watts are my lights and how long do I use them on average for? How many watts is my laptop and how long does it take to charge it?

Those are just some example, but knowing the appliances you need on a consistent basis and how much energy they consume is extremely important because you do not want to get a system that doesn't supply the power you need. 

Look at all the parts needed:

Find a system that has all the parts you need to fulfill your requirements. This is a very simple process, if you need more power then choose that kit which include more batteries and solar panels for increase power voltage. If you are in an area that is windy and need an extra power source, go with the hybrid kit that offers wind turbines or both wind and solar energy. The capacity of power voltage depends on the parts or products that come with the kit. 

Where will system be mounted:

After you know they amount of power needed, the type of system you want. The next thing is to know where to place it. That means you need to focus on several things such as, does this place that I selected get proper natural energy or not? Can it be placed on the roof or ground and so on.

Because the success of this project totally depends on the natural energy it receives. The more wind a wind turbine receives the more energy it can generate and store, the more sun a solar panel successfully receives the more energy will be produced. If you succeed in finding the right location to mount it then, you will get various benefits from the system.

These are few ideas you have to consider before supplying your own electricity. If there are anymore ideas you can think of, please leave us a comment with some more suggestions. If you are going off-grid and have some more questions about electricity generation, please feel free to email us at info@windsoleil.com or call us at (888) 944-5765.