Do you fantasize about a world without plastic or electricity bills? Getting started with the 'new renewable you' is a daunting task. Between YouTube stars with five years’ worth of trash in one jar and DIY superstars living off the grid, it feels impossible.

What if the problem is not with you but rather our economy?


Imagining a Renewable World

The Venus Project began in the 1970s by Jacque Fresco, a dreamer, who quietly thought up a way to build the world anew. Jacque was an interesting man - he's been called a futurist, inventor, architect and madman by many. His plan for a better future is nothing short of genius.

The core value of the Venus Project is the development of a resource-based economy. It suggests that money is a concept that strips people of their human rights. Instead, the resources that the world produces will be shared across all of humanity. The key to this plan is the word 'abundance'. All resources such as housing, food, energy and water must be produced in abundance, making sure there is no shortage. Shortage results in greed, and criminal behaviors like stealing. Roughly 12.9% of people are starving today while one third of food for human consumption goes to waste each year. Successful implementation of the project would end such atrocities.

Sustainability is one of the corner stones of Jacque's designs. With a team, he's created thousands of architectural models and concepts for smart cities across the globe. Oceanic cities will float between continents, with residents researching the depths of the sea. Circular cities on land will be built using modular designs and connected via high speed trains. Politicians will be replaced with scientists and AI systems who are better equipped to make educated decisions. Best of all, children will be raised in a safe, peaceful environment where they are encouraged to follow their own passions.


What it all means

A resource-based economy proposes that all human rights and basic needs are met to a high standard. By eliminating the need for money, our society can focus on creating and sustaining - allowing every person to follow their calling in life. The way forward is paved through the development of technology and robotics, industries that are already sky rocketing.


The dream is a big one, but an alluring one. Billionaires will have to renounce their fortunes and invest in the concept for it to work. Corrupt Governments will have to change and be motivated to involve themselves in the project. With SpaceX planning to colonize Mars, they might organically develop their own resource-based economy before Earth. After all, what use is that dollar bill on another planet?

Not everyone agrees with the Venus Project ideals. Many feel that it’s too vague and a has close ties with communism. One critic agrees that Jacque's plan sounds radical and unattainable but states that communities across the world want some kind of societal change. Perhaps the Venus project is the step in the right direction that we need.


The Plan

According to their documentation, The Venus Project states that such a radical change cannot happen without a worldwide economic collapse. As robotics progresses and Capitalism deteriorates, more and more people will be left without means. It is at this point, that the Venus Project will become an all-important blueprint for the future. In the interim, they plan to create a feature film to expand awareness around the project.

After Jacque's recent death at 101 years old, his partner, Roxanne Meadows continues to collect funding for the project. She believes that it is only a matter of time before a government approaches the project to build an entire city.


What you can do

The project runs off donations and corporate funding. If you are in such a position, you can contact their team to discuss a donation here.

If you'd like to donate your time, they are constantly looking for professionals to help them develop further. For a full list of volunteer opportunities, follow this link.

Most importantly, share this article so others can understand what a resource-based economy could mean! Human connection is the key to making social projects like this a reality.



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