Solar power is so cool, some people are calling it the “new black.” Get on board the clean energy trend by adding some sun power to your life.

Free yourself from the plugs and wires that slow you down.


1. Solar Powered Tent

Camping can get tricky fast — there is so much to remember. Did you pack enough food? Bring the gas cooker? Or the worst… did you remember to bring the bug spray? When you have a solar powered tent, you'll be so popular that you can trade for anything you need.

"Oh, you want to charge your smartphone? I'll take that cold beer as payment, thank you."


2. Solar Cookers

A regular gas-powered BBQ? That's so 2017. Spice up your weekly neighbourhood BBQs with solar stoves, solar ovens, and solar slow cookers.  Just imagine the new conversations and Instagram stories you’ll be able to share.

Cooking with nothing but the sun? It doesn't get trendier than that!


3. Solar Power Bank

Losing power to your cell phone is a red-alert type situation. Enter: a handy power bank to save the day! But if you're anything like me... you forgot to charge that last night too. Stop relying on the grid and get a solar power bank for those emergency situations. Just pop it in the sun, wait a while, and you'll never run out of battery again — even on a desert island.



4. Solar Suitcase

Heading into the wilderness for a while? Maybe a trip to a remote area without electricity? The solar suitcase contains everything you'd ever need for a medical emergency and more. It produces light, charges small devices and comes equipped with a fetal monitoring system. We think it'd also be pretty handy in a natural disaster type situation.

Just in case, we are adding it to our Zombie apocalypse survival kit.


5. Solar Keyboard

As Apple has shown us with their fancy earphones — wireless is the way to go. But charging your tech is such a hassle. Luckily your solar keyboard will never have to be plugged in again. Just pop it in the sun for a few hours every couple of months and you'll be typing away forever on sun power!

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard *1

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard *1

k750-gallery (1).png


Bonus: Solar Bikini

Have you ever suntanned outside while listening to your iPod? Imagine your frustration when your run out of battery and are forced to plug into a power outlet. Unacceptable right? One fashion designer certainly thought so. Solution to the problem? A bikini lined with flexible solar panels that will give you the juice you need.

Next invention: Swimwear that can keep your drink icy cold in the sun. Now that’s something I’d pay for.



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