1. Contact us by phone: (888) 944-5765 or email us at info@windsoleil.com, so we can discuss what your looking for and find out what best suits your needs.
  2. We provide a FREE Site Assessment for you. Using satellite imagery and visiting the location if need be, to analyze where the panels or turbine would go, assess your electricity usage, and figure out what options work best.
  3. A detailed Proposal is presented to you with the custom solar energy system design including the benefits and incentives you may expect. The proposal will give you all the information you need about why this is beneficial to you.
  4. Once approved and deposit is received, we handle everything including the permits, design, equipment, rebates, and inspections
  5. Installation: We begin installation of the proposed system. Installation times vary based on size and complexity of the system. For most 1-5kW systems, it should never take longer than a week. For Larger systems it may take a little longer.
  6. After Installation: We do a walk-thru of the system with you so you understand the basic functionality and how the system is controlled.
  7. Final Inspections


Support is always available & provided after the installation if you need anything