What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are frames comprised of photovoltaic cells made from silicon that convert the light energy into electricity.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panels have solar cells in them made from a semiconductor like silicon that is attached by a wire to a circuit. When Light from the Sun or Ultraviolet Rays strike the semiconductor, a portion of that light energy is absorbed. That absorbed energy is converted into electricity that flows through the circuits and into the wires.


What are Wind Turbines?

WInd Turbines 5-Leaf Blade Wind Generator #4.5.jpg

A wind turbine as shown above is a device that has uses wind to make the generator inside spin so that electricity is created the generator that is inside.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

heat pump_15.jpg

A Wind Turbine is a device that has a generator inside with blades attached. The blades on the exterior of the device and are used to catch the wind. Once the wind hits the blades they turn the blades which spins a shaft that is connected the generator. When the generator spins it creates electricity.