Do you know where the energy you use comes from? Think about all those appliances you have running in your house or apartment, the refrigerator, microwave, lights, computer, TV, stereo, heater, etc. Where does the electricity come to power those things, do you know? Well most people will answer that it comes from the electric company of course or their electric service provider. Even some people will go a little further and say the power plant. But what I am truly asking is, where does the company get the energy and how is this energy "turned" into electricity so that you can use it. 

Well after doing some minimal research on the internet I discovered that a lot of the electricity in major cities is created from burning coal, nuclear power, or hydroelectric dams. If we stop and think about that for a second we realize that all those ways of producing electricity is very detrimental to us in the long run and many times in the short run as well even if we dont see it right away.

Why go through all of that, I mean the massive digging of coal to burn, the search and usage of radioactive materials to excite atoms, and the restructuring of natural waterways just to produce electricity, when the sun shines, the wind blows, waves move or it is raining every day somewhere in the world. There are so many alternatives to creating electricity besides the ones that are being used now.

When you get a change ask your electricity company how the electricity you use is created. If a non-renewable source is used demand to be switched to an alternative energy source. If they dont offer one look into installing solar panels, solar thermal, or wind turbines on your property. There are different options to choose from but either way, please take the time to learn where your energy is produced and how it is produced.