In this day and age many people are using portable electronic devices in all parts of the world. Whether it's a tablet to check your emails on the go,  iPod to listen to music or your phone to make calls and use apps; portable devices have become a part of peoples everyday lives. 

This has become so much of peoples lives, that you can get on any transit system in any metropolitan city and you will see lots of people around you immersed in their portable tech devices, it is as if these “on the go” devices have become an extension of the human body. 

It also seems that every aspect of technology has really become portable or available for use on the go. But, with our new found dependency on technology and portable devices, how can we possibly keep up with powering these devices?

All the devices are powered by electricity, which often means they depend on electrical outlets to power them. The issue with this fact is that most electrical outlets are placed somewhere stationary and cannot move, causing a disruption and ability to be “on the go,” while your charging your device.

So, right now if you are using an electrical device like your phone or tablet and the power runs out, what is the first thing your going to do? 

You either: A. hope you have a charger and an outlet, B. have an external power bank to charge it or C. just wait till you get to a place where there is a outlet and cord. 

In this day and age with the heavy dependency on our electrical devices and where an average smart phone only lasts for blank hours, not having enough portable electricity to power them is a huge problem.


To solve this issue some people have turned to external battery banks and power banks, but the problem with this is that these too need to be powered by an electrical source/outlet. 

We at WindSoleil believe that people should have unlimited power at their disposal no matter where they are. So instead of just having a powerbank that itself could run out of energy, we believe that you should be able to create your own energy without  ever having to worry about a device running out of power. We believe that people should have all the energy they need, to be “on the go,” in the palm of their hand. 

With a solar power portable charger you could have enough energy everywhere you go. If your electrical device runs low on battery plug in your WindSoleil solar power charger, if your charger runs low you can just face it towards a light source such as the sun and it will begin storing energy.

Energy is all around us so why not take advantage of it and use it to power our devices. At the end of the day no matter how accessible or technologically advanced devices become, they all run on energy. So why disrupt your day. music, and phone calls figuring out how to find an electrical source to  power  your device, when you can use a WindSoleil solar power charger and have all the power you need in the palm of your hand.

"Your world is portable, and mobile, why not your electricity too"