What are the benefits of using solar and Wind Energy?

  • Reduce or Eliminate your Electricity Bill
  • Save Lots of Money
  • Energy Independence
  • Increases your property value
  • Energy Security
  • You have a constant source of power production
  • Great for the Environment (Fossil Fuels are used to produce your energy)

Is Solar Good for Illinois? Does Illinois get enough sun?

Solar is Great for Illinois and the Midwest Region, contrary to believe, Illinois gets a good amount of peak hour sunshine to power your panels and the solar panels still produce power on cloudy days and in the winter. The cold weather from certain seasons in Illinois allows the panels to be more efficient and produce more power than they would be if they were in a desert or extremely hot climate.

Do Solar Panels work in the Winter?

Yes, the Solar Panels work in the winter time. The cool weather actually increases the output of the solar panels.  The white snow could also help improve performance of the panels by reflecting the UV light from the sun. If the panels were completely covered with Snow, then that would affect the performance. However, our company offers a maintenance service, that comes to your house, building, farm to clean the snow of the solar panels.

If the electricity goes out will I still have electricity with solar?

Yes, only if you have batteries (off-grid) or special type of inverter to supply loads when the system goes down even when you are grid-tied.  If you have solar and are off-grid you will still have electricity no matter if the grid (electrical company) goes out or there is a blackout. You produce and store your own energy so the grid doesn’t effect you.

If you have solar but are connected to the Grid (electrical company) and the grid power goes out, you will only have electricity when the solar panels are producing power and you have a special type of inverter that is able to supply loads. However if you do not have a inverter that is designed to withstand grid shutdown, and there is a blackout you will be without power .

What is the difference between off-grid and grid-tie in?

Off-Grid means that you do not get any extra electricity from the local electrical company. You produce your own energy and store it with the use of batteries.

Grid-Tie means that you produce your own energy but you still get any excess electricity needed from the local electrical company. You are still connected to the local electrical company, any excess electricity you produce goes back into their grid.

If I live in an apartment or condo can I get Solar?

Grid-Tied Building.jpg

Your apartment building or condominium building as a whole can get solar installed. So if you and other people living in the building are interested in getting solar installed, please talk to your management company or condominium association so we can do an assessment for the building and provide a proposal. Please contact us via phone (224) 307-4057 for us to schedule an assessment.

How much does solar cost?

The cost of getting solar installed varies. How large or small your solar energy system will be is one of the biggest  variables. In order for us to determine the exact cost we provide a FREE Assessment, which allows us to see if solar would be a good fit for your location, how many solar panels you would need, what material we need, etc. If you would like to get a Free Assessment please contact us via phone: (224) 307-4057 or email: info@windsoleil.com

Do you offer financing or payment options?

Yes we do offer financing options. Even if customers do not have the money themselves to pay for an installation from WindSoleil, they can get a loan through our financing option or get a loan via home equity. The loan balance is made in monthly payments at a low interest rate. Using a loan of some sort to pay for the Solar system is one for the best options considering the customer owns the systems, saves money on their bill and reaps huge benefits in the end. The customer receives the Federal Tax Credit, SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits), all the energy savings, and any other incentives available to them.

Are there any rebates/rewards/incentives available for installing solar and wind energy?

Yes there is, below are a few incentives available:

  • Solar Investment Tax Credit: 30% Tax Deduction for Residential, Commercial, and Utility Solar Projects
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits: An SREC is a solar renewable energy credit. One is created for every megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity produced by a solar generator. This means a customer with a solar array on their roof can use the electricity on-site and then sell the SRECs off to another buyer. The buyers are the utilities. The price for each SREC depends on the market price.
  • Net Metering: Customers get credited for the extra electricity produced by the Renewable Energy system they have.

Will the panels damage my roof?

Absolutely not, we can not even touch your roof with anything unless we make sure that it is in a good condition to sustain the weight and the construction of the panels and the project itself.


Do I have to have a special type of roof to get solar?

No, you do not need a special type of roof to get solar, we can put solar on any type of roof. In fact Solar Panels or Wind Turbines do not have to be on your roof, we can place them on your garage roof, yard, etc, there are a few different options.

How long does it take to get it installed?

It depends on the size of your solar or wind energy system is. However it usually doesn’t take us longer than a week, at most a week and a half,  usually shorter than that. Permit process times vary depending on location and city/village.

What if my panels or turbine break, will you replace them?

We offer a product and service warranty, as well as an extended service warranty to all our clients. If any of the products get damaged during this warranty period, we will replace any of the damaged material with new products.

Do Wind Turbines work in the city? Are wind turbines allowed in the city?

Hybrid Grid Tie Kit.jpg

Yes and Yes. We of course would have to abide by the city codes and permit process. If the place you are using the wind turbines is surrounded by tall buildings, high trees, etc.. that could potentially block some of the wind that will keep the turbines more effective and working more efficiently.

I don’t have a lot of money, can I still get solar or wind?

Yes, renewable Energy does not have to be expensive. You can always start somewhere and add on to your renewable energy system as time goes on. We at WindSoleil always work with our customer and their budget.

How do I get started?

Please give WindSoleil a call at (224) 307-4057 or email us at info@windsoleil.com for us to schedule you for a Free Assessment