2000W Hybrid Wind-Solar Charge Controller + Dump Load w/ LED Display


2000W Hybrid Wind-Solar Charge Controller + Dump Load w/ LED Display

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2000-Watt Hybrid Wind + Solar 12V/24V Charge Controller + Dump Load w/ LCD Display offers overcharge protection, under-voltage protection, anti-reverse protection, short circuit protection, and all the technical functioning for Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, and Batteries so they work properly. Has Dump Load function, Electronic and Manual Brake to protect the wind turbine from damaging. CPU Control, Unique connected type charging loop and Independent Boost Circuit are installed to improve the efficiency of both wind turbines and solar panels. A hybrid controller like this one makes sure the electronic protection functions for your alternative energy system is working smoothly. This small easy to install hybrid charge controller is definitely a must have for any body going off the grid or just wants to set up alternative energy.


  • LED Display
  • CPU Controlled
  • Dump Load & Unloading
  • Temperature Display, Real-Time Monitoring Controller Operating Environment
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Manual Braking
  • Easy to Use Operation
  • Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery
  • Automatic electronic fuse
  • Lightning Protection
  • Open circuit protection without battery
  • Short circuit protection of load and module

Solar Panels

  • Solar Reverse Charge and Night-Time Anti-Recoil Function
  • Improves the efficiency of solar charging
  • Pulse modulation charging to automatically adjust charging pulse width

Wind Turbines

  • Overspeed Protection
  • Manual Braking and Automatic Braking function
  • Speed Detection Protection Function
  • Automatic Recovery for Wind Turbine Brakes
  • Wind-Turbine Brake switch for manual operation


  • Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Anti-Reverse Protection
  • Automatic Voltage Detection
  • Battery Temperature Compensation Function
  • Battery Overvoltage Shutdown